Tutorial How to get Unlimited gold with Clash of Kings Hack

If you are one of Clash of Kings player, you are in the correct place now because we provide Clash of Kings hack tutorial exclusively for you. This PvP multiplayer war game is available now on the smartphone whether Android or iOs. The gameplay is very interested for you who love strategy game. You can build your own kingdom and fight against other players with unique animation combat via internet connection. Clash with your troops against other player troops become the favorite game nowadays in smartphone users. It forces us to get a trick or hack in order to defeat our enemies.

We know that as the ruler of Clash of Kings kingdom, we have to upgrade and build our base firstly. There are farm, barrack and other stuff which should be done before increasing our armies. Consequently, it also requires some coins to fasten our base race. Yep, the developer of this game offers coins as the support for them. In other words, players should buy several dollars to gain the coin and gain faster upgrading of building movement. Otherwise, premium players will get more advantages instead of new players. That is why we need Clash of Kings Hack tutorial as one of tricks against them properly.


There are many ways in Clash of Kings hack tutorial; one of them is by using trainer tool. This tool is a PC app which only can be used in windows. In other words, you cannot use it directly from your smartphone. You can download it on another post though. Then, this app will generate the hack amount such as gold and coins. If you are familiar with PC tools, we believe it is very easy to use the app. Hence, prepare your PC and USB cable to connect between your smartphone and PC. If necessary, install the driver of your smartphone to get faster way. It will be make you become frustrate when you are never connecting both devices.

After all of this Clash of Kings hack tutorial are ready including the trainer app, connect your device to PC. Once you have done, open the trainer through the window. It will pump out detect device option and simply click it. If you have already connected PC and smartphone before, there will be no problem. But, the problem comes up when you cannot detect the device as we said earlier. When you are successfully detecting the device, you are able to select your saved game and start to change the values that you want to. Lastly, click Start Hacking and unplug your device.