Review For The Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is a sport fishing game that is fun especially for those who enjoy fishing and even those who wouldn’t actually like the sport. After just a few minutes of playing, the game will quickly reel in your interest. The good graphics and appealing animations are the first and most obvious assets. The water waves are as lifelike as they are enthralling so they have obviously been a priority from the design side. The fish also have an appealingly pleasing look and are truthfully animated.


It is very easy to handle and become accustomed to for controls. Cast the bait by tap the center icon and reel in the fish by holding it. If the tension gets too high, release it. While at one go ensuring that the fish should not escape if it get too far away, make sure you won’t make the string will break by apply too much pressure. When rare, more costly fish bite the bait, this can become more and more challenging. There is a combo system in Ace Fishing: Wild Catch to help players in attempting such events. It will add to the combo meter bringing close to max the tension and releasing right before the string is almost to break. It also works working to retain reeling in for 5 sequential spins. By a huge distance, you can swipe to pull the fish nearer once full.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is more involving the real catch though there is much waiting and patience in real fishing. There is no searching for locations and it is more likely to be filled with fish. You will find better fish by unlock new locations by leveling-up. You will also help raise the probabilities of finding rare fish by Upgrading gear and purchasing enhanced bait. Diverse types of equipment that can be purchased and huge variety of realistically animated fish can be discovered in the game. You can sell fish right away once you catch ones, or you can wait and store in tank until it fully grown to sell for a higher value. In-app purchases are available allowing you to spend real money for greater gear and packs of cash or you can compete in frequent events to get money.


However, there are a couple of downsides in Ace Fishing: Wild Catch as it is a freemium game. There is a durability limit in a lot of the items that are purchased so you will need to refill it. The player’s energy is also limited set to 15 games but upon leveling up the bar gets replenished. You won’t run out of energy going through the first 6 levels so this game is much better balanced freemium games in the app store.

It’s absolutely obvious that the developers have tried to make it as different as possible although for a free-to-play simulator, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch has a really standard gameplay value. Ace Fishing is rather realistic as it is a contrast thing having any kind of realism in a free-to-play simulator game. This makes the game is fun and appealing although you do not like fishing.