Dishonored 2: The Exciting Game You Want

If you are into adventures and action, you may find Dishonored 2 as something potential and even exciting. This type of stealth game is developed by the Arkane Studios with Bethesda Softworks as the publisher. It was first released in 2012 as the Dishonored and then the sequel was made available on many different consoles around 11th of November 2016 – for Xbox One, PS 4, and PC games. The plot and the game are so exciting and great that The 2016 Game Award was given to it. If you are into action so much, this may be the perfect option for you.


Dishonored 2 Plots

The plot of the game is about the deposition of Empress Emily Kaldwin and her attempts to regain the throne again with the help of her father. Being set in Karnaca, the coastal city whose setting is similar to those of southern European countries (remember Italy, Spain, or Greece), the plan has been developed. As the player, you can choose to play as Emily or as Corvo Attano, her father and her Royal Protector. Both of them have their own supernatural abilities. When you are playing the Dishonored 2 game, there will be missions that you should accomplish. You can use each character’s ability – or even combine them both – to make sure that you will reach a successful end for your mission.


Dishonored 2 Playing Tips

There are some handy tips and suggestions about playing this Dishonored 2 game. For a starter, you need to get comfy with the character you play. It can be a tough choice between playing Corvo or Emily (because they have different cool abilities and you just want to have it all) but there are different  aspects that you can learn along the way. For instance, when you play as Corvo, you get to learn about who he is and revisit the home town. Or if you play as Emily, you can develop as she develops. Remember that once you choose a character, it is set for good and you can’t switch.


Unlike the original game that allows you to replay a mission when you have completed it, there is no such thing in the sequel. In the event that you want to have it, you need to create a save point in the start point of each level so you can use it for the mission selection. Some of the scenes of the Dishonored 2 are worth to explore or revisit again so try it and have fun!