How to Choose Video Game Console

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It is difficult for you to choose the proper video game console than you think. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are the real deals in the industry, so that there are not a couple of options that you can choose from. And also there are a couple of reasons that you have to consider in order to choose one of these best video game consoles. There are a lot of answers that you will get if you ask yourself which video game console is better for you.

In this how to choose video game console guide, this article will help you to know the basics of gaming consoles. You have to consider that each major gaming console comes with its advantages. This article will help you breakdown the differences.

Console Basics

Consoles are computers that have been prepackaged and specialized and design for playing video game on your Television. These consoles usually are much cheaper if you compare with the gaming PCs, but you have to consider that they can only be worked with games which have been made for a given system. For instance, games for PlayStation 4 are only supported by PlayStation 4. There are a couple of exceptions to this, usually on the compatibility of backward, for instance you are allowed by Wii in order play all of the games which have been released for its previous version.

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are the three console manufacturers. Nintendo creates the Wii U which is device that is very easy to use with a lot of large library of a couple of exclusive games such as Zelda and Mario. This console has its own charm even though it is not powerful than Sony or Microsoft. Microsoft creates Xbox One and Xbox 360. Meanwhile, Sony creates PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. All of those consoles come with great games, but for those of you who are interested in the best video game console that is available in the market today, it is well recommended for you to choose PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Consoles have been created in order to play video games, but a couple of them can be applied for much more. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One come with Blu-ray drives that can be used in order to watch DVD and Blu-Ray movies. Each modern system comes with applications that have been downloaded such as YouTube and Netflix.

Some List of Best War Games You Should Know

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There are many types of games around the gamers’ world. Those types characterize the typical gamers that you might find in the internet and real life. Some of them favor horror games, some people like to play simulation games, and others might fall into other categories of games. War games are the games that heighten war as the theme and plot of the games. This type has around in the gamers’ universe for more than a decade and some games have pretty much fans. The games usually have set the settings which are related with the wars’ stories. Sometimes, by playing war games, we might learn some things about history as well because some backgrounds of stories are based on the real events. Now, as war games are considered as distinct type of games among gamers, these are some of the best war games you should know:

  1. Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory

This is a simulation game created by Shockwave Productions, Inc. and it is a part of PC games. The game is known as the remake of Rowan’s Battle of Britain and both of the games are flight simulation game. The game intensifies the combat between the British Royal Air Force and Germany during World War II.  The gamer can choose to be the pilot in the flight simulation or to be the commander who thinks about the strategy to win the combat. The game is pretty much intensive and the gamer can feel the atmosphere of war while playing it. This one is utterly classic!


This is the game which features about managing strategy during the gameplay. The game is designed by Introversion Software; and as an independent game, this game receives positive remarks from the gamers. The game encourage the player to think about managing the alliances between the other countries and the player are free to pick six regionsto be the lands for the plays, those regions are North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Russia, and Asia. The game is also based on the real-time, so we will not know what will happen to your territories while you are away for seconds. The game is tense and might be one of the best war games you should know.

  1. Empire: Total War

This is included in the collection of the best war games you should know. A gem that is released by Creative Assembly in 2009; and it get pretty much attention from gamers. The game is set around 1700 until the end of 18th century in America and it based on several histories related with parties in America. The player can manage to dominate the United States through diplomacy, military force, espionage, and many other ways. The game is also informative in putting some backgrounds for the storylines. The player might encounters with histories of some colonies and how they manage to compete with other colonies. The game has a great storyline!

Well, those are the three of the best war games you should know. There are many others that have different backgrounds and different kind of simulation. You just need to dig deeper the war games around you or ask your friends about it.

Information for LINE Let’s Get Rich

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Line let’s get rich is the interesting game can be played for everyone. This is the kind of online game which can be played on your computer and also your gadget. Well, if you know about the character of Moodo Marble, it is absolutely that you are the master of this game. This game can be downloaded easily and you can get many coins or money from this game. You can invite your friend to play this game together. This is absolutely a pleasant thing if you play this game together. You can invite from Line to the contact of your friends.

Sometimes, your friends will accept your invitation to play Line Let’s Get Rich and sometimes your friends will ignore it. If your friends ignore about your invitation, maybe your friends don’t know well about how interesting this game is. Well, let it tell you about a glance of this game so that you can play it happily. The aim in playing the game absolutely is to win the game. However, it doesn’t matter about you will win or not because the most interesting thing in playing a game is you can be satisfied about the game you played.

This is happen also when you play line let’s get rich. There are some part should be known in this game. The first thing is about the character card, dice, and also pendant. When you get much money in this game, you can buy the nice wonderful character on your Line Messenger. However, playing this game is difficult enough especially for the newbie. You need to be smart in playing it. The things such as character card, dice, and also pendant have the different price. If you have the more wonderful dice and character card, you will be success in playing this game.

Here some tricks you can try in playing this game. Firstly, you can buy the most expensive town. It is similar when you play monopoly guys! Be careful, when you have the cheap town, it is better for you not too build many buildings. This is because your friends can grab so easily. Secondly, you can use power up item because it has a great function to get the discount. Lastly, you can try to knowing best about the island guys! Well, that’s some about the online game of LINE Let’s get rich which can be your nice information.