Diluvion Review: A game for You Who Want to See a Deep Sea

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Please welcome to the deep sea of Diluvion, which is a 3D exploration game with RPG gameplay’s elements inside. The game says that what you see inside the game is inspired by Jules Verne the father of science fiction books. In other words, we are going to see the beautiful scenery of a deep sea in a combination of 2D and 3D within the game that is available only of PC gamers. However, our expectations do not meet to the gameplay of the game so far. We will elaborate our opinions right after this paragraph.


We have to say that the gameplay of Diluvion isn’t working at its best as action adventure game. Besides of annihilating the enemies, which are submarines and underwater creatures, the gameplay gives you abundant quests or missions of exploring an area where you just revolve and scan the target of the objectives under the water. The control is not the best one because you have to come across the best tactics to avoid some torpedoes of enemies. It means that a reflex and quick response do not give big impact for that. Overall, the tasks are easily to do because the constant exploration is the thing in this game.The navigation is also bad since the map does not clearly show where the player is. In addition, you also need to think about the air supply. When the air is running out, the best possible way is going back to the last location. But, we tricked this up by purchasing new air tank before going to the next destination.


The story is another plus point that we can receive in Diluvion game besides of wonderful theme and graphic. The game starts when you as a captain of small vessel have to recruit some capable crews in order to locate a powerful artifact into somewhere deep of the sea. Of course, you also need to build a strong ship with plenty resources like air and food supply. The world is nearly ended. The post-apocalypse phase forces the human to get anew living. Instead of leaving the earth, they prefer to build new life and hope underwater. This strong plot isn’t supported by the gameplay by the way.


After playing Diluvion for nearly twenty hours, we feel the game isn’t too bad. However, the game control and navigation should be more flexible. We know the point of the game-dev making the control heavy and requiring to extent the tactic. Hence, we say it 2 out of 5 stars.