Persona 5 is Ready to Hit PlayStation on December

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Persona 5 carries JRPG as the main genre. As we know, Japanese has its own way to describe RPG game. It is almost completely different with normal RPG especially from west. This game is the most waited series for its lovers or fans. For your information, this game was really popular especially for second and third series. Playstation 2 has a big role to create Persona’s fan base at the moment. That is why gamers who have ever played this game cannot wait the fifth series. Moreover, PlayStation 3 and 4 becomes the first target of Atlus, the developer of Persona, to be the first console which can play the newest series of Persona.

Why You Should Play?

The main reason why you have to play the Persona 5 cannot be separated with the genius gameplay that will be offered through the game. You are not only playing as the superhero who save the world from mysterious threats, but also playing as normal teenagers who are busy to run their daily life. It becomes the main attractiveness of this game. For your information, this game has been rumored that it will get some delays, but the latest news confirmed that the game is already on the finishing touch. This rumor almost made the fans of Persona worried that they could not see this game in 2016.

Meet the Expectation

The Persona 5 development has been through six years before it is ready to release this year. Atlus has completed this game 2 months before the plan. This news was already confirmed by the director in the Take the Treasure event which was focused for the fifth series of Persona. His name is KatsuraHashino which directs this game until it finished now. He hopes that the new series of Persona will the gamers’ expectation so far. In addition, people cannot wait this game because the story is very brilliant. It can be seen on the previous series of Persona.

Release Date

The newest series of Persona is planned to release on September 15th 2016. But, this is only for Japanese market. It means that western players should wait a couple months before they can play this game on their consoles. The consoles which can play this game are PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. We have no any confirmation yet whether it will be released on other consoles or PC. Overall, Persona 5 is worth it to be played especially for RPG lovers.