Epic Experience Wrapped in Various Theme, Celestian Tales: Old North

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Searching over the internet to find some RPG games, you will be suggested Celestian Tales: Old North. Before getting started, you need to know that the genre of RPG game gives you 2 absolute results. It gives some epic experiences that are packaged in various themes which are ready to take in a lot of time to make it finished. For your information, RPG is decided into 2. The western RPG is often associated with the real role-playing essence that asks you to have the role playing game and response to any consequences. Meanwhile Japanese RPG concerns about their plot, character, and also the game mechanic itself. Each of them offers its own attraction.

Celestian Tales Old North

Daring Theme to Embrace

Celestian Tales: Old North seems to resemble the Japanese RPG by looking at the Suikoden as its main inspiration. Enjoying this game in PC, you need to know the preview of this game beforehand. The main plot that the players can find in is about the political and denial conflicts. The developer of this game uses the rare approach which has never been used in any other games. This later inspired other developer to follow the same footsteps. Instead of offering the game that is full of denial, war, friendship, and also tragedies in only a character, Celestian Tales: Old North divides this game into 3 separated chapters just like the part games.

You will have the characters of 6 young people named Aria, Cammile, Lucienne, Ylianne, Raynard, and also Isaac who all have their own and different background. All of them struggle their best in order to be a tough knight with some motives behind them. All of them will also be trapped in complicated situation that you need to overcome this matter as well. Out of the six characters given to you, only one of them that will be tagged as the knight. This kind of case in Celestian Tales: Old North is not that easy because different people come with different way of thinking which sometimes create their personal matters about the results they wish it would be like.

As a conclusion, is it possible for the players of Celestian Tales: Old North to control them in this game? What are the motives they had been hiding for so long behind the movement of World Enders? Find all of your curiosity by playing this game and figure out all the answer you want to get so badly.