Empire Four Kingdoms Tricks and Tips Guide

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Empire Four Kingdoms is a new multiplayer online real time strategy game which has been played by many gamers all over the world. If you like this genre of the game you will probably enjoy this game. You will start this game by getting your own Kingdom and castle and you can get a couple of resources from there such as stone, wood, food; form alliance with other kingdoms in order to multiply you power, conquer other kingdoms and outside outposts, gain your honor by winning battles and you can be one of the strongest players in the entire kingdom. You have to read a couple of tricks and tips for Empire Four Kingdoms.

Steps by steps

Even when you are in beginner protection, right from the beginning of the Empire Four Kingdoms game you will be able to attack robber baron castles. It is a perfect way to earn resources by attacking more than one robber baron castle at once. You have to train more troops and siege weapons after that you have to split them up and sending a fraction of your army to every castle at the same time so they will come back at the same time completed with honor and resources.

When it is the time for you to attack other players after beginner protection is over, you will see their level and honor from the map so you have to use espionage to decide how powerful their castle is, how many resource, troops and whatnot. The perfect best castles that you can attack are abandoned castles. You can attack them when their defenses and troops have been damaged totally by other players. And then you can use them simply in order to farm resources.

Public order is decided by how protected your castle is and how many decorations that it has, subtracted by the population level and a couple of unrest, which can be affected once an attack when your city is destroyed. You have to fix your city up as soon as possible and load you city with decorations in order to gain the public order. The higher your order is, the bigger that green bar which is located at the top of the screen gets, which can bring more than 100% productivity. Your resource can even be gotten up by you collecting up to 200% with a couple of defenses and decorations.

Nice Online Game Pet Rescue Saga

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Pet Rescue Saga is the nice online games can be downloaded at the google play. This is the interesting games can you play in your spare time. Well, for you who have the android operating system, absolutely you know about this game. Many people said that this game is both funny and also can refresh their feeling after having the bad mood. This game is played for rescuing the pets. This game is also very suitable for you who like pets. You need to rescue all the pets to rise to the next level. Here, it will tell you about how to play this game comfortably. If you don’t know more about it, please read more to the next paragraph.

This is the tricks and tips in playing Pet Rescue Saga.

Although this game is classified in an easy game. You just need to save the pet firstly. Therefore, you should to prior to save the pets. If the pets rescued or saved, you can increase to the next level. There are many pets should be saved. You need to smash all the boxes to make the pets down and rescued. Make the boxes with the same colors be vertically or horizontally so that the boxes will be smashed.

Furthermore, you need to plan your game carefully and consider about the result will you get when you are playing this game. The first thing should be consider is about the boxes at the below. On the other hand, you need to pay attention also at the changing boxes that happen on the top. So, do it carefully to get the next level. Do it fast to save your time. Then, you will get three starts guys! It is interesting. Is not it?

In playing this game, you don’t need to be worried about the boxes. The most important thing should be considered is about how to rescue all the pets like mentioned before. There is also booster power in this game. However, you need to use the booster carefully. It can be used efficiency when you are very need. This is because you need the real money in buying it. Use the booster at the right time. Then you will get the best gaming time. Well, that’s some about Pet Rescue Saga which can be your more information about online game. Have a good time to play this game guy!­­

Information for LINE Let’s Get Rich

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Line let’s get rich is the interesting game can be played for everyone. This is the kind of online game which can be played on your computer and also your gadget. Well, if you know about the character of Moodo Marble, it is absolutely that you are the master of this game. This game can be downloaded easily and you can get many coins or money from this game. You can invite your friend to play this game together. This is absolutely a pleasant thing if you play this game together. You can invite from Line to the contact of your friends.

Sometimes, your friends will accept your invitation to play Line Let’s Get Rich and sometimes your friends will ignore it. If your friends ignore about your invitation, maybe your friends don’t know well about how interesting this game is. Well, let it tell you about a glance of this game so that you can play it happily. The aim in playing the game absolutely is to win the game. However, it doesn’t matter about you will win or not because the most interesting thing in playing a game is you can be satisfied about the game you played.

This is happen also when you play line let’s get rich. There are some part should be known in this game. The first thing is about the character card, dice, and also pendant. When you get much money in this game, you can buy the nice wonderful character on your Line Messenger. However, playing this game is difficult enough especially for the newbie. You need to be smart in playing it. The things such as character card, dice, and also pendant have the different price. If you have the more wonderful dice and character card, you will be success in playing this game.

Here some tricks you can try in playing this game. Firstly, you can buy the most expensive town. It is similar when you play monopoly guys! Be careful, when you have the cheap town, it is better for you not too build many buildings. This is because your friends can grab so easily. Secondly, you can use power up item because it has a great function to get the discount. Lastly, you can try to knowing best about the island guys! Well, that’s some about the online game of LINE Let’s get rich which can be your nice information.